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Vid Post: Left Behind

I so did not intend on starting this today -- let alone finishing it! I actually was trying to get my Tommy/Kat video done, but my bunnies said otherwise.

Where were my senses, I left them all behind... )

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Vid Post: I Got You Dancing

Yay for finally getting done my multi-season dance video! Even though I switched songs, this one is so much better than the other one could have been. And *shocked* I actually got Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue and S.P.D. into the video. Although, there were many times when I had to stop myself from using MMPR clips. They danced like, every other episode!

I've gone back to encoding two separate files again (DVD and streaming), so my streaming files now have a watermark -- which I may play around with.

I got you dancing... )

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Vid Post: I Trust You

Yay! I finished my first Dollhouse vid. I'm slightly annoyed, though. Vegas likes to cut off the video for my encode of Briar Rose, so I had to change the ending slightly. I need to find a way to fix that because I need that episode for my other video I'm working on.

I trust you and I don't understand... )

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Vid Post: Used to Be

Yay! My first R.P.M. video is officially in the can. Now I just want to start my others, but there's not enough footage yet.

Warning: Spoilers for Ranger Yellow.

Back, looking back, looking back at me / I'm not how I used to be... )

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Vid Post: Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Yay! I finished my latest mashup video. I love taking trailers/tv openings and replacing the video with PR. It didn't help that the entire time I watched the movie, I couldn't get Wes/Jen out of my head.

I tested out a new widescreen format, since I didn't want to go all the way to HD. That just takes way too long -- and my DVDs come out a little weird.

You've just been identified by a competing agent... )

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Vid Post: Take Me Home

I put together a couple of short vidlets as an adaption to one of my old fan fics. I want to make more now, but don't think the footage will allow me to use any of my ideas.

The fight inside is breaking me again... )

Parts two, three and four also up.

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Vid Post: Already Gone

This song is so Tommy/Kim. I just had to make it into a video. Though, I got really scared when Vegas said it was going to take nine and a half hours to render -- luckily that was far from the case.

It started with a perfect kiss then, we could feel the poison set in, perfect couldn't keep this love alive... )

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Vid Post: Will We Ever

Yay! I finished my latest requested video. Well, only the song was requested. I had pretty much free rein on the video. I'm just shocked I finally got Shayla/Merrick in a video -- and their section was the easiest to edit! Pretty good for someone who hasn't watched Wild Force in over two years. Hopefully YouTube gets the HD version up soon.

1-2-3, you're falling in love with me... )

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Vid Post: Zap Pow

Yay for actually finishing a Ninja Storm video! I was gonna try and finish it yesterday between PR and Dragon Knight, but the awesomeness of R.P.M. was too much to contain while I worked on a campy, Ninja Storm video. I had to put off finishing it for a day.

Anyway. Here's my Marah & Kapri video in all it's glory.

Zap, Pow, Bip Bang, Holy Cow! )

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Vid Post: The Fight Isn't Over

I edited my butt off on this over the weekend. I let the project render last night while I was sleeping -- since it takes about an hour to render in HD -- and uploaded it when I woke up. I love how it gets all epic when Tommy's part kicks in. Not that it's tame during Jason and Karone's pieces. The video just cranks up to 11 when you see Tommy -- as it should.

The fight isn't over, the dream is alive... )

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Vid Post: Balance and Grace

Yay for YouTube in HD! I decided to render at 1280x720 to see how it would look and now I'm sad I didn't do it sooner. However, the render time was painfully long because of upscaling -- even though the episodes were HQ. Although, since I render two files now (one for DVD and one for streaming), if HD is gonna take that long, I might as well just upscale the DVD file and not do the streaming.

Anyway. Here's my latest Tart (Tommy/Kim) video. I really got amped to finish it after the local CW affiliate cut off Dragon Knight halfway through. Stupid CW. >_>

if you find you've fallen, and all your grace is gone, just scream for me and I'll be what you're falling on... )

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Vid Post: Crazy in Love

I got done my most recent YouTube request today. Spent two days working on it -- and one day planning. As much as I love TomKat, I'm kinda getting sick of doing videos of them. I need to do some other stuff for awhile.

Got me hoping you'd page me right now, you're kiss, got me hoping you'd save me right now... )

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Fic Post: Mantis in the Wings

Title: Mantis in the Wings
Rating: Y7-FV (The same as the show.)
Chapters: 1
Timeline: Jungle Fury, pre-Way of the Master
Main Characters: Trini, Theo, Lily, Casey and R.J.
About: The Rangers receive a special master for the day.
Notes: Inspired by the MMPR episode, Plague of the Mantis.

Mantis in the Wings

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Vid Post: Getting Away with Murder

I actually finished this yesterday evening, but after all of the rendering/YouTube issues, I just wanted to go to bed. (For some reason my mp4 file won't upload correctly and YouTube blocked the audio.)

I edited my butt off on this video, so comments appreciated. A look at five very different villains with one thing in common -- the fact that they had Ranger friends.

Don't keep me in the dark, 'cause I'll find the light... )

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Vid Post: The Way We Are

I actually finished and put this up last night, but couldn't be bothered to post it. I love how it just glides right through the couples, starting with the FIRST couple moment and ending with the LAST. Using only canon Ranger/Ranger couples -- no Ranger/civilian or Ranger/ally stuff. I'm also proud that I included Leanbow/Udonna into a video. It really adds to the variety. The only couples I left out were Nick/Madison and Eric/Taylor -- only because they each really only have two episodes of romantic intentions. And they didn't really fit in with the flow of the song.

No, I want to believe you/I know you'll leave, too/it's just the way we are... )

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Vid Post: Manticore Rescue

I've got way too much time on my hands for not just making another PR/DA crossover vid, but actually having a plot that makes sense this time. A government agency fighting ancient demons makes complete sense to turn into a secret government agency fighting an ancient breeding cult.

An alternate season two opening.
Manticore had not burned down. Zack, Max and Krit were reprogrammed to join Brin and Alec on a very important mission. They were chosen to take out Ames White and his Familiars. To do so they needed extra firepower--they needed to become Power Rangers.

Lightspeed and Dark Angel go together like peanut butter and jelly... )

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Vid Post: Gone

Yay, my new video is done! Okay, so that's not the best word to use considering the content. I'm still happy, nonetheless. Despite how pleased I am, I'm also nervous about the viewers thoughts--since I kinda need a refresher course on Dino Thunder. But it's AU, so I really shouldn't be as anxious as I am.

In an instant, you were gone... )

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Vid Post: UltraPink

I almost forgot to post this. Last night I got in the mood to make a mash-up and started watching trailers. Then I got to Ultraviolet and was like, "that's perfect for Time Force!" So I ripped the trailer from YouTube and went to work on it when I woke up this morning. It's pretty sweet, if I do say so myself. However, like usual, I'm a little iffy on the ending.

So, yeah. It's the audio from the Ultraviolet trailer with footage from Time Force--with Jen as the main character.

I was born into a world you may not understand... )

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Vid Post: Turn the Tables

New multi-season video! I'm addicted to Sony Vegas right now.

Although, I sorta goofed. I've been uploading through Vegas' YouTube uploader. Only this time I had it render my already rendered music video, instead of the project. Now the quality isn't as great--especially on the beginning and end.

when I grow up I'll turn the tables... )

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Vid Post: White Horse

The video I made last night FINALLY got done processing on YouTube. Okay, so it could have gotten done 5 minutes after I went to bed for all I know. It's a requested TomKat video... and my first video with Sony Vegas 9. I actually uploaded it straight from the program. I need to get some practice with that thing.

it's too late for you and your white horse to come around... )

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